XLAB Stealth Pocket 100 Carbon Frame Bag – 330 ml Black


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This versatile carbon frame bag is an ideal starter bag for bikes with standard frames. It’s equipped with a non-slip rubber bottom, which ensures your bag remains secure as you move. XLab has also kitted out this model with a super slide zipper that allows for quick and easy access to your items. Another benefit is it can hold up to 1 bar and 3 gels, making it a compact and safe solution for storage. Coming complete with an aerodynamic profile that eliminates stem drag, this is a great accessory for riders who want convenient access to their items, while also staying focused on the road. More Aerodynamic – Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers – Same width as head tube (Standard size bag), therefore no increase in frontal area – 72 degree front fits tight up against stem – Tapered aero design profile – Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag Non Sway Design – Non slip surfaces underneath and on front of bag grip top tube and back of stem – Extra long front straps allow bag to be attached to bikes with cables entering the top tube behind the headset Easier to Use – Located within easy reach while riding – Non slip rubber zipper pull – One handed Super-Slide zipper Smart Storage – Can be mounted behind stem or seat post – Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents – Stretch mesh pocket in contrasting red color for electrolyte tablets, salt tablets, cash or other small items – Can store the longest energy bars Contents Stay Cooler – Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler – Silver interior helps reflect heat away Installation Instructions: – Make sure you tighten straps as tight as possible – Cut off any excess strap left over – DO NOT tuck excess strap underneath bag as this reduces the grip force of the bag

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