XLAB Mini Wing 105 – One Size Black – Bottle Cages


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Easy-to-Use The Mini Wing 105 is a dual bottle system that has been designed to be easy to use even if you aren’t the most experienced of cyclists. XLab has made this system easily accessible even with limited flexibility and has looked ergonomically at other features such as creating a low mounting system for the cage so that it is still easy to get on and off your bike. The bottle height can be adjusted up to 1 inch to put it in your perfect comfort level. Security The high-gripping nature of the Xenon cages tout, approximately, 3.6kg of grip force which will give you the ultimate security that your bottle won’t fall out even when cycling on the most uneven sections of road, or off road. The mount itself is made of extremely durable materials to enforce the sturdiness of the bottle cages.  

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