WeeRide Safe Front Child Bike Seat – Red – Child Seats


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The WeeRide Safe Front Bike Seat features all the same fantastic features as the Classic Kangaroo but has some key differences to create an even safer model. The seat size has been increased and the sides are higher to increase child stability with an additional strap underneath the bar for extra seat stability. The thumbscrew and buckle now have 2 movements to increase the safety of both the bar and the release of the child. Finally, additional straps have been implemented to the foot cup holders to prevent the child from removing and dangling their legs around. The WeeRide Safe Front Bike Seat sits centrally on the top tube of a bike, not the handlebars. This allows for greater bike control as the weight distribution is central and for a fantastic view for the little ones. The greater view allows parents to engage with their child more often, pointing out the surroundings and feel safer wrapped in their arms on each ride. The WeeRide Safe Front Bike Seat fits all bikes including oversized head tubes and full suspension bikes from 16″ + (except drop handle bars) and comes with its own bar so the WeeRide Safe Front Bike Seat will fit both men’s and women’s bikes. Delivered with: Seat Support bar Assembly tools and instructions

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