USWE Patriot 15 Backpack with Back Protector – One Size Grey/Black


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The Patriot 15 Backpack helps to keep you protected with an integrated, multi-compliant CE-certified SAS-TEC™ central back protector (SC-1/CB52). The protector is formed from flexible viscoelastic foam with memory effect that returns to its original shape after impact or deformation. The rucksack also has a 100% bounce free design with the USWE. award winning and patented, NDM™ 4-point harness system which ensures maximum stability. The shoulder and chest straps are also fully adjustable and allow for full body movement and breathing capacity. Delivering plenty of reliable storage, the pack features 15 litres of cargo space which is spread across 12 smart storage pockets including an organiser compartment that fits tools, bars and a first-aid kit. The exterior, of the pack, also features multiple attachment points for helmets and pads.

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