Topeak Tri- Cage Carbon Bottle Cage – One Size Black – Bottle Cages


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Working in conjunction with rear hydration mounts such as Topeak’s Tri-Backup mount, the Tri-Cage carbon provides excellent grip of your water bottle when in full flow. Featuring a forward release design which significantly reduces the chances of unexpected bottle launches and drops, this carbon fibre and reinforced engineering-grade polymer cage ensures strength and stability when holding full standard-sized water bottles.   Not just suited for holding hydration, the Tri- Cage Carbon Bottle Cage also has an integrated mount for keeping the Topeak Ninja T Road Tool, Ninja CO2 Inflator or Ninja Pouch Road Spare Tube Carrier within easy reach. A versatile and convenient bottle cage, this Topeak holder is a great companion for Triathletes and amateur racers alike. 

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