Topeak DeFender RX 279er Rear Mudguard – 27″ / 29″ Rear Black


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The ideal choice for 27.5″ and 29″ MTB wheels, the RX 279er rear mudguard keeps you clear from mud and dirt even on the messiest trails. Equipped with a lightweight and ultra-durable design, this mudguard is very easy to remove and install thanks to the quick-release seatpost attachment. You can easily adjust the mudguard to your preferred angle for a more customised shield against the elements on your next ride. Made from high impact resistant plastic with a polished underside to reduce mud build-up, you can ride with confidence in the highly protective and easy to clean design. The perfect choice for mountain bike tyres up to 3″ wide, the DeFender RX 279er Rear Mudguard will undoubtedly protect you from dirt splashes as you conquer the elements.   

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