Silca Premio Seat Capsule Saddle Bag – Black – Saddle Bags


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Providing a more rigid and spacious alternative to a standard seat roll, the Premio Seat Capsule consists of a thermoformed shell-structure, giving way to a 625cc volume hub, split by a pair of dividers for optimal organisation. Ideal for carrying inner tubes, tyre levers, multi-tools and other mid-ride must-haves, the big zips shut with a YKK zipper for secure containment.  Attaching to your seat using a rail guard and BOA attaching technology, where a twist of the dial tightens the wire grip and a pull of the plate sets it free, the Premio Seat Capsule sits in a tilted position to prevent seat-post rubbing and maintain stability and aerodynamics. A great choice of bag for the streamlined and space-conscious rider. 

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