Sea Sucker Hornet Handlebar Mount Bike Rack – 1 Bike – Black


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This rack is extremely handy! You can take it from its small carry bag and mount to the car in under a minute, then lift your bike and mount it in a similar length of time. No removal of the front wheel, components or anything else is necessary. Effectively you can have your bike setup and ready for a days riding, then when its time to leave the house, grab the bike and mount it to the rack. When you arrive at your cycling destination, it’s as simple as loosening the straps and jumping on your bike, and away you go. At the end of the ride, convenience this also apparent since you get back to the car and mount the bike on the rear of your car, then it’s off to the next destination, should it be home, the next trails or the next group ride; this rack is a modern solution that surpasses all others in terms of efficiency, reliability and convenience.

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