Sea Sucker Bomber Fork Mount Bike Rack – 3 Bikes – Black – Roof Racks


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The SeaSucker vacuum clamp is non-marking, UV and weather resistant, and holds exceptionally well to glass or metal surfaces. This model includes three Rear Wheel Straps (6″ SeaSuckers with 1 1/2″ wide hook-and-loop straps) to secure your bikes’ rear wheels and to restrict it from sliding left or right. This rack has three fork clamps attached to five 6″ SeaSuckers. Rack body made of 3/4″ high-density polyethene, which makes it strong enough to hold your bikes yet flexible enough to follow the curve of your roof line. Approximate footprint: 41″ x 10″. Comes with Delta Bike Hitch Pro fork mounts, which are lockable and heavy-duty. Also, it opens wide enough when you release the lever that you don’t have to tighten or loosen the acorn nut on the opposite side every time you put your bike in or take your bike out of the mount. Included In The Box: Bomber 3-bike rack Three Rear Wheel Straps. 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance. Spare SeaSucker vacuum pad and pump (Spare Tyre).

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