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The soft bike bag with dedicated compartments for frame and wheels will protect your road bike for travel on train, bus or transport by car. At a glance If travel with your road bike by car, bus or train is on your agenda, the Scicon Travel Basic is your choice. The lightweight bike bag comes with a removable, rigid base and provides the right level of protection that is needed to keep your road bike safe. With separate, internal wheel pockets and a large main compartment for the frame, everything finds its place. The shape of the bike bag allows you to keep the handlebars in place, making preparations to travel with your bike even easier and less of a chore. Minimal disassembly of your bicycle, dedicated storage space and lightweight material provide you with the confidence that your bike will arrive safe at your destination. It's easy to pack your bike yourself • When you receive your bike bag the first time, click here to register the product online. • The Travel Plus Racing bike bag allows you to keep the handlebars and seat post in place. • You need to remove the wheels from your bike, which requires you only to undo the quick release skewers. • If you choose to remove the pedals, you may need a pedal spanner. That is as far as it goes. Features & Benefits • Developed and engineered in Italy, the Travel Basic soft bike bag is functional and comfortable. • The Travel Basic soft bike bag folds down to a practical size to store away at home or your travel destination. The included carrying bag protects it from dirt and dust. • Designed to hold virtually any racing bike frame up to 65cm including carbon frames with integrated seat posts (ISP). • A rugged and durable Nylon outer-shell withstands abrasion and provides good protection for easy travel. • A removable, rigid base plate protects from impacts and is easily foldable to store away. • With 2,1kg the Travel Basic is one of the lightest bike bags in the market. • Two wheel pockets with Velcro closure, accessible only from the inside of the bike bag, protect your wheel set from unwanted access. • Integrated shoulder straps, make carrying the Travel Basic easier. • Should your bike bag ever be lost or misplaced, we have you covered with a compact address tag to make sure the bike finds back to its owner. Top Tips • Remove any accessories from your bike, like a GPS unit and bottles. Any loose items in the bike bag can scratch or damage your bike frame. • If you have electronic gears, remove the battery and store them separately to avoid discharge. • We do not recommend the Travel Basic bike bag for air travel. Check out our line of AeroComfort bike bags that are suitable for air travel. • If you still choose to air travel with the Travel Basic bike bag, make sure you protect your bike with additional padding. • The Scicon Antishock Bike Frame is compatible with this product and can provide further protection for your bike.

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