Red Original Airbelt Personal Flotation Device PFD – One Size Grey


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The Red Original Airbelt Personal Flotation Device PFD is an essential safety device for all levels of adventure paddlers. A less bulky alternative to a buoyancy aid, it provides maximum performance alongside optimum comfort and freedom. Fast and easy to deploy, it will prolong your survival time if you should ever require any water assistance, and combines a waistpack with an ISO Certified bladder. Created alongside lifejacket experts Baltic, should you need to use it, simply pull the inflatable bladder out of the pocket, place over your head and inflate by pulling the inflation cord, with no adjustments required. Once deployed, the PFD can be re-armed by replacing the gas cylinder with another 16g CO2 cylinder, meaning it can be used multiple times. Plus, a large water-resistant storage pocket at the front is perfect for essential items, and D-ring clip points allow for attaching other items if needed.

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