RapidRacerProducts Proguard Standard Mudguard – One Size Black


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Flexible and Durable Mudguard Made from polypropylene, the Proguard Max Mudguard is excellent in cold weather and can withstand impact due to its innate flexibility and durability.    Indent A mudguard tracking close to the tyre can offer great mud and spray protection but often at the cost of mud clogging and slowing the rider down, a mudguard that sits high off the tyre is conversely going to offer less protection so a compromise is needed. Long Front The front has been made longer to improve the protection of the face and eyes when riding at high speed. The turn down at the front deflects the spray downwards without clogging with mud which causes blockages. Snap-off Hole Covers Hole covers have been added to reduce the amount of mud that can get through unused holes. Once you have chosen which holes you want to use for fitting, you just use a screw driver to push the cover out leaving it clear for the zip tie. The 24 holes allow you to fit the mudguard to every type of conventional fork including Boost forks (except reverse arch), this allows you to customise your fit. Rear Flick The rear flick was designed to simply offer more protection without adding extra length, it prevents more mud and spray from flying up the side of the frame especially when the wheel is turned. Seal Guard RapidRacerProducts’ widely acclaimed Seal Guard has made it to the Proguard Max Mudguard as a means of offering greater protection for your seals from high velocity mud and spray, the Seal Guard section also provides additional strength and rigidity to the rear reducing flex.

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