RapidRacerProducts Enduroguard – Standard – Standard Black/Orange


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Designed to fit any fork, RapidRacerProducts has developed the EnduroGuard to work effectively with short-travel XC and 4X forks (80mm to 120mm travel). The ‘T’ shape clamping points on the arms are designed to wrap around the fork leg providing a better and neater fit. The front of the mudguard is designed to offer increased protection for higher speeds without spoiling the look of the mudguard. The wider curve with flat rear end offers maximum protection and frame clearance compared to a simple symmetrical curve. The holes for the fork brace aren’t ideally located when using it as a rear mudguard, so these guards have two snap-off holes to allow you to rotate the guard forward and attach it to the brace between the rear stays, this feature creates more mud / tyre clearance and a much better fit.  

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