Peruzzo Pure Instinct 3 Bike Rear Mount Carrier – 3 Bikes Black


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Specifications: Material: Steel Diam.30 Max Number of Bikes: 3 Max Individual Bike Weight (Kg): 15 Bike Fitment: Wheel Max Size Frame Section (Mm): N.a. Max Bike Size (Inch): 29″ Max Width Bike Wheel (Mm): 102 Max Distance Between Bike Wheels (Mm): 1200 Distance Between Bike Carrier Trails (Mm): 170 Frame Protective System: N.a. Locking Bike to Rack: Con Art. 365/3 Distance Between Tube Arms for Bike Frame Support (Mm): N.a. Product Size (Mm): 80*61*26 Product Weight (Kg): 12.5

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