OMM Ultra 8 Marathon Pack – One Size Blue/Black – Rucksacks


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The OMM Ultra 8 Marathon Pack has been designed as a day/race pack for training and races. The 8 litre volume gives you space for daily use and with all the key features required for Ultra and mountain racing. Designed to be a shoulder carry system rather than a waist carry, the Yoke shape spreads the load of the pack evenly across your shoulders increasing comfort and stability. The Ultra 8 waist belt with the chest strap combines to create an incredibly stable pack with unimpaired movement. The chest and waist belt also has multipoint adjustments to suit your comfort. Plus, the chest strap is made to be adjusted for varying terrain. On rocky technical steep terrain where you absolutely don’t want the pack to move, the straps can be pulled apart to give a tighter fit. For flatter running where you want a more comfortable fit, the strap should be pushed together to release the tension. There are two large mesh pockets on the side of the pack too, with a clip in the middle so they can be used as one large pocket or separated into two compartments. The pockets are positioned above the kidneys for maximum comfort and are large enough to stuff spare kit and food for later use. In the top of the pack is a pocket for storing keys, phone and other essential kit. There is also a key clip and storm flap to cover the opening. Additionally, the pack is compatible with hydration bladders, OMM GoPod’s and OMM Compressor Pod’s.

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