OMM Phantom 20 Running Pack – One Size Black/Orange – Hydration Vests


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Comfort With a unique 7 point harness, the Phantom 20 Running pack perfectly aligns with your spine via a yoke behind the neck for stability as opposed to the traditional shoulder design. This allows the spine to maintain its line, preventing the pack from swinging side to side. Shock absorbing suspension stabilisers work in tandem to prevent movement, keeping you completely in control.  Two anchor points are fed to a shared adjuster, creating a stable Y shape to hug the vest pack into the lower spine. When pushing off, this weight pulls onto the lower strap and when dropping back down, the strap tightens to prevent the shoulder from loosening. Hydration For on the go hydration, the Phantom 20 is hydration bladder compatible, with a reservoir fitting comfortably in the main compartment. Alternatively, the front bottle pocket with straw offers simple, accessible hydration. Features  With a leanweight chassis, weight is kept to a minimum with mesh pouches for easy access to hydration, nutrition and the essentials, while the 20 litre capacity allows you to comfortably carry extra layers and waterproof kit. Technical Details: UHMWPU – Ultra strong, lightweight, waterproof rip stop fabric. Weight: 65gsm 30D Nylon – Lightweight, waterproof ripstop fabric. Weight: 50gsm Full Weight: 360g LEANWEIGHT: 315g Capacity:20 litres

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