Mudhugger Medium Rear Mudguard – Black – Fixed Mudguards


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Keeping your rear protected from mud, spray and debris, this mudguard ideal for most 29″ and 27.5+ full suspension bikes with seat stay angles above 27 deg. This makes it a quick fix for riders who want to upgrade their protection as they blast across the rock gardens, tree roots and debris at speed on their mountain bike.  The Medium Rear Mudhugger is nearly identical to the Small Rear Fender, but 80mm longer. This longer version is ideal for most 27.5 full suspension frames. And 29” hardtail bikes. If your bike has seat stay angles 28- 31 degrees then the Medium Rear Mudhugger is probably the best choice, this applies to the vast majority of bike designs. Think Cannondale, Whyte, Lapiere, Transition, Rose, Commencal, Calibre, Kona, GT, Canyon, Giant and Marin. The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit.  Kit includes fender, zipties and protective/non-slip heli tape.

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