Mudhugger Large Rear Mudguard – Black – Fixed Mudguards


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Keeping your rear protected from mud, spray and debris, this mudguard ideal for all 29″ and 27.5+ full suspension bikes. This makes it a quick fix for riders who want to upgrade their protection as they blast across the rock gardens, tree roots and debris at speed on their mountain bike.  The rear fender braces are designed to be custom-cut around cable stops/guides and other unique seatstay/swingarm shapes and features. Some frames have assymetrical stays, like found on EVIL bikes, and may not fit or will require extensive customization to fit.  Kit includes fender, zipties and protective/non-slip heli tape. Initially designed to overcome the problem of fitting mudguards to a bike with a dropper seat post the Rear Mudhugger works well on all bikes, providing they have disc brakes. However, attaching the Hugger to the seat stays also overcomes all of the problems normally associated with rear mudguards. They do not move out of line, get in the way getting on or off the bike, do not foul rear suspension travel, and are robust enough to take the rough and tumble of modern trail riding demands. For those of you into your DH, enduro or endurance racing, being able to get out in all weather conditions, train hard and remain comfortable for much longer will undoubtedly pay dividends at the start of the race season. 

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