MIRC Road bike racing class 700c bend 27 speed one wheel road bike mass road bike,Gold




Price: 00.00

If you know the car, you will come.
More high-performance configuration has always been our pursuit
Frame: high carbon steel frame
Front fork: racing fork
Central axis: Palin central axis
Dialing: Micro-transfer refers to SL-38-9
Front dial: micro-transition speed dial
After dialing: dialing after the micro-transition speed
Knife ring: alloy one wheel rim
Brake: Silver Star / Purcon Disc
Flower Drum: Alloy Palin Drum
Tire: COMPASS tire
Flywheel: 9-speed positioning flywheel
Chain: alloy chain
Body weight: about 17kg
If you are playing a car, please choose a high-end configuration, respect the riding sport is to respect the rider himself
Note: This car does not provide modification service. If you need us, we will answer your questions about professional road bike modification free of charge.Young, letting go, my racing-grade road bike is equipped with the latest broken windmill frame, Shimano/micro-transition speed system, magnesium alloy broken wind knife ring, silver star/Pulcon mechanical disc brake; broken wind, unstoppable
This is a car with a rider who knows the car. Only with high performance can you get one step faster. Micro-transformation speed dialing, alloy quick-release one-wheel, micro-transition speed dialing, mechanical disc brake, speed and passion, competition and travel The joy of riding lies in every improvement and transcendence of speed.
Streamlined frame, stronger toughness, stronger strength, better shock resistance, stronger comfort, lighter weight, net weight of about 17kg, low resistance, good windbreaking effect, more powerful riding
The wind-breaking integrated wheel designed by the blade has light weight, small width and less resistance; quick disassembly and assembly, more convenient to use; Palin bearing conjoined hub, lubrication is more labor-saving, structure is more stable
High-performance mechanical disc brakes, wear-resistant, faster heat dissipation, improved brake sensitivity, Shimano / micro-rotation 27-speed shifting components, faster speed increase, faster shifting; 7-speed shift positioning Taren, excellent wear resistance Sex, superb rotation accuracy, smooth shifting

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