LifeLine Rear 3 Cycle Car Rack – 3 Bikes Black – Rear Door Racks


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Whether it’s a cycling event, holiday or regular weekend route, travelling with your bike lets you explore new places on two wheels. The LifeLine Bike rack allows you to mount up to three bikes to your car without modification, tools or difficult assembly. Simply fold the unfold the frame, place the hooks onto the edges of your boot lid/hatch and tighten the straps securely.  Mounting your bikes on the rack helps keep your car interior clean, and leaves space for all your essentials. Will it fit my car? The LifeLine Rear Mount Triple bike rack is designed to fit the vast majority of sedan, estate, hatchback and SUV type cars. The boot lid/hatch must have robust metal edges on the top, on the base, and on both sides for the flat metal hooks of the rack to be attached. The hooks should not be mounted on plastic or glass edges. The angle of the rack can be adjusted to suit the shape of your car. Will it fit my bikes? The LifeLine Rear Mount Triple bike rack has three wide jaws along each arm, these can be pivoted to match the angle of the tubing of the bike frame. Adult and youth size bikes with a conventional front and rear triangle frame design will fit. Bike frames without a defined top tube will not fit without an optional bar accessory that fits between the stem and seatpost. Please note, the rack is not designed to fit small childs bikes, tandem bikes, tricyles, recumbents or other unconventional bike types.

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