LifeLine Narrow Road Mudguard Set – 42mm (28-32mm tyres) Black


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Full length mudguards offer the maximum in protection from standing water keeping both you and your bike clean and dry even in the worst conditions. The LifeLine Narrow Road Mudguard Set features a PET/Aluminium construction with steel wire stays making them lightweight and flexible. The PET/Aluminium construction is also extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and damage from UV light. Plastic scratch guards on the ends of the mudguard blades provide additional protection. Fully adjustable stays ensure a perfect fit, preventing rattles or fouling on any other components. Low profile stay ends reduce the chances of catching your foot when cornering. The LifeLine Narrow Road Mudguard Set is compatible with calliper or disc brakes and comes complete with full installation instructions and all mounting hardware. Please Note: These mudguards are designed to fit with 700c wheels but the metal stays may require cutting with a hacksaw or heavy duty wire cutters during fitting.

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