LifeLine EVA Bike Pod – Regular Black – Bike Bags


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The LifeLine EVA Bike Pod is moulded to fit most road, touring and mountain bikes in a secure “locked” in position using internal straps with the wheels locked in with QR skewers (not provided). The clamshell design is easy to pack and closed with industrial-strength zips and backed up by QR buckles. Featuring 3 pull straps and large stable rubber skate wheels the LifeLine EVA Bike Pod is easy to lift, carry and pull along whilst conforming to all major airline and baggage handling restrictions making it perfect for cycle travel.  A second size was introduced in 2019 that is taller but slightly shorter. LifeLine found this size and shape works better for larger bikes and allows the post and saddle to remain in the frame. The larger option is embossed with the ‘XXF’ logo and can be distinguished in the images by the red wheels.  Dimensions: Length 1200mm, Height (tallest) 907mm, Depth 280mm (Regular Size) Length 1180mm, Height (tallest) 1020mm, Depth 210mm (Large Size/ Red Wheels)

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