iSUP Atlantis Azores 10’2″ Paddle Board Package – 10’2″ Grey


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Whether a beginner or intermediate paddler, the Atlantis Azores 10’2″ Stand Up Paddle Board Package is the perfect companion to all water adventures. This sturdy all rounder floats and glides easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably on small waves.  Constructed with high density drop-stitch technology, it provides a strong, stable core and ensures a controlled paddling experience that will not flex under load pressure. The high-speed two-way action pump also makes inflation to 15-20psi fast and easy, leaving you more time to paddle in the water.  To finish the set, an adjustable alloy paddle allows you to find your ideal paddling length, a repair kit will prolong the longevity of the board, and a backpack storage bag means you can transport the kit from A to B with ease. 

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