Hiplok ORIGINAL Bicycle Chain Lock – Superbright Reflecti


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Practical Bike Lock for Commuting and E-Bikes Hiplok ORIGINAL is a strong chain lock with a hardened steel 12mm shackle and 8mm hardened steel chain built to withstand tough attacks. This chain lock’s length gives more options when locking up and is ideal for bigger framed bikes such as e-bikes. With a unique belt-like fastening which adjusts to fit the waist without being locked to the body, it is easy to take this tough chain with you. This makes it perfect for cycling in towns and cities and commuting. Awarded security accreditation by Sold Secure, ART, and SBSC, Hiplok ORIGINAL comes with 3 coded replaceable keys, a toughened nylon removable washable sleeve and Hiplok’s Lifetime Warranty guarantee*.

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