Evoc Bike Travel Bag XL (320L) – XL (320L) Olive – Bike Bags


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This bike bag is optimised for Plus and Fat bikes and is a more mobile alternative to the standard option, which is a bike box. This Travel Bag provides exceptional protection for your bike (frame, wheels, components and has additional space for spares), whether you are transporting your bike by car, van, boat or plane; this bag provides top level protection for your bike and everything attached to it. Reinforced with Additional Protection The Bike Travel Bag XL is reinforced and optimised with additional protection and support in areas where more stress and strain is applied when transporting; it features PE plates and rods, foam padding and high-density plastics to deflect impact and pressure so that nothing inside the bag is affected by exterior stresses, strikes and impacts. Comfort & Ease of Transport With the main focus being on ease of transport as well as advanced protection, the bag is extremely mobile and easy to manoeuvre. The wheel compartments and main weight elements of the bag have been placed at the rear to enhance its weight pivotal point. This means the centre of gravity is over the wide and stable rear axle, making the bag exceptionally easy to pull, steer and control. The bag also features many, precisely positioned ergonomic handles to make transport hassle-free and comfortable.

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