Evoc Bike Travel Bag – 285 Litres – 285L Multicolour – Bike Bags


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The Bike Travel Bag is extremely easy to use. Simply remove the handlebar, pedals and wheels to be safely stowed, giving you the piece of mind you need when transporting your bike. For the two wheels, Evoc have added two seperate wheel compartments on either side featuring stabiliser rods over the tyres and side areas to prevent spokes and disc brakes from bending and causing you extra worry and cost. Plastic plates sit either side to stop the axles of each wheel from protruding through the material.  To secure your frame in place, a reinforced fork mount attaches the fork to a rigid foam block through two reinforced buckles. Additional strams securely lock your bike in place, preventing damage and movement throughout transit.  The Bike Travel Bag is the perfect professional case and has won multiple awards for its high quality design, whether on a bike, car or train, everything is stowed and packed away safely and securely. Additional features include an identity card pocket, T zipper and zipper lock for extra security.  

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