Elite Crystal Ombra Membrane 550 ml Bottle – 500ml grey


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The Ombra Membrane water bottle, from Elite, provides fast flowing hydration with a push and pull, soft-touch cap system that has a leak-proof perfect for on the go hydration. The bottle comes with a soft plastic squeezable design making it easy to drink from the bottle with only one available hand and with a less distracting system. The bottle also allows you to monitor your water levels with a transparent construction and a liquid measurer along the side. Usage instructions: When transporting in a bag, ensure the top bite valve is pushed down towards the bottle, preventing accidental squeezing and water leaking. When in a bottle cage or required for continuous use, firmly pull the cap away from the bottle and leave in place. A leakproof valve prevents spilling and the squeeze construction gives simplistic water flow, ensuring your focus remains on more important taks at hand.

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