Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z Poles – 120cm Black – Poles


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The Alpine Carbon Z Poles deliver 100% solid, carbon construction thanks to a three section foldable shaft, allowing for rapid deployment and easy storage whatever your needs. Whatever your expedition, Black Diamond see the importance of comfort and have included a natural cork grip to provide robust support. Black Diamond’s expertise in avalanche probe design has given the foundations to construct this advance technology and for fast deployment, simply grab the sections and fold out to create one pole. This snaps and locks the poles into place, ready for use. When collapsing, a simple push button releases the locks and collapses the pole, ready to be stowed away securely. Internally. a Kevlar® centre ensures rigidity and allows the Z poles to achieve their highly functional design. Weight Information Weight Per Pair : [100 cm] 406 g (14.3 oz) [110 cm] 426 g (14.9 oz) [120 cm] 478 g (15.8 oz) [130 cm] 466 g (16 oz)

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