Abus Granit Extreme 59 – 260mm Black – D Locks


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Constructed for the utmost security so potential thieves have no chance against this lock, Abus has ensured the shackle, lock body and other security dependent parts are made to protect your pride and joy in high risk/theft areas. This bike lock features an XPlus cylinder to provide exceptional resistance to manipulation and picking of the lock. It’s also has a superior finish for exceptional durability and long-life security. Ultra-Secure and Convenient to Transport When transporting, the GRANIT™ Extreme 59 is incredibly flexible: you can attach it to tubes with a 12–17mm diameter using the SH 59 bracket (sold separately). Or you can use the M6M Monolock Adapter Plate (sold separately) from GIVI as a fully-integrated mounting option. Comes supplied with two keys and one of them has an LED torch to make functioning the lock easier at night.

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