SWORDlimit 12″ Kids Freestyle BMX Bike for Beginner To Advanced Riders, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Frame And Fork, 25T BMX Gearing, with U-Shaped Rear Brake




Price: £636.91

Size: 12 inches
Length: 34.6inches; Height: 25.9inches; Wheel diameter: 12.2inches
The packaging volume of the whole vehicle: 31.8*9*16inches
Vehicle net weight: 6.5KG
The whole vehicle contains the package weight: 10KG
Age range for babies: 2-6 years old
Suitable for height: children between 3.2 and 4.2 feet

Vehicle configuration list:
Frame: built-in 12-inch chrome-molybdenum steel frame
Front fork: chrome molybdenum steel front fork
Handlebar: BMX children’s high carbon steel U handle
Stand up: aluminum alloy stem
Set: rubber non-toxic handle
Bowl: Built-in 41.8 aluminum alloy bowl
Sitting tube: one-piece aluminum alloy tube
Cushion: one-piece sponge cushion
Sitting pipe clamp: aluminum alloy pipe clamp
Crankset: 25T aluminum alloy crankset
Crank: three-section 48-key crank
Tire: 12*2.4 off-road tire
Inner tube: 12*1.75/1.95 inner tube
Brake system: BMX manual U brake – rear brake
Flower drum: (12*20H) 4 aluminum alloy hub
Rims: 12*20H aluminum alloy rims
Pedal: nylon plastic pedal* SWORDlimit BMX BIKES: This is a 12-inch BMX bike, the size of the car: 34.6 × 25.9 × 12.2. Weight: 6.5KG. Suitable for height: children between 3.2 and 4.2 feet
* Frame: The 12-inch BMX bikes feature a built-in chrome-molybdenum steel frame and fork. Handlebar high carbon steel U handle, built-in 41.8 aluminum alloy bowl and aluminum alloy handle
* Powertrain: Three-section / 48 keys / crank with 25T / aluminum / sprocket and (12 * 20H) 4 aluminum alloy hub.
* Tire: The tire is made of 12*2.4 cross-country tires, and the inner tube is made of 12*1.75/1.95 inner tube. The tire is mounted on 12*20H aluminum alloy rim with (12*20H) aluminum alloy hub.
* Brake system and other configurations: manual U brake – rear brake. Rubber non-toxic handle, nylon plastic pedal, integrated sponge cushion. (If you have any questions, please contact us by email and we will answer your questions within 24-72 hours)

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